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Forever & Ever

Whisper quietly in my ear,
Your soul's sacred dreams.
Share with me your infinite love for all eternity.
Let your delicate touch warm me beneath my skin.
Hold my tender heart like the petal of a rose.
Kiss my lips ever so softly,
And make my spirit dance.
Caress my face gently with your fingertips.
Let you and I lay here in this moment,
Close together,
Forever & Ever.


What is existing...
Is it living with meaning,
Having a purpose,
Or is it just breathing.
I feel as if my spirit is fleeting,
and all that's left is this empty vessel that I call a body.
Releasing carbon dioxide is the only thing that I do for the earth.
Just a waste of oxygen,
A pollution to the earth.
I feel as though I don' t exist.
The warm river that flows down my face is my only way of knowing,
I'm alive.

Wrath of Anger

Frustration built up and kept inside.
Flowing through my heated body,
Like the blood that runs through my veins.
Beating like my racing heart,
Wanting to just burst out.
Hotter than the celestial star.
I want to scream,
I want to cry,
I want to speak what I feel inside,
But instead I lie,
And I smile.
All for the sake of hiding it for a while.
Till it begins to eat me inside out,
Till there is nothing left,
Not even a bone.
Anger with such a wrath,
That it eats away at the soul.

Pain of a Dying Rose

In the depths of my heart,
I feel the pain.
The pain you create for me every day.
There are times when you make me feel special,
but then
then you make me feel like I’m no longer human,
like I’m not from this planet,
like I’m not even alive.
Like a wilting rose.
Once beautiful,
but now neglected and faded.
So now i lay here dying inside,
day by day.
The petals of my heart falling one by one.


Just one word from you changes my day,
To hear your voice,
To hear your name.
My soul light up and shines like the moon,
Just hoping,
Just praying you feel the same way that I do.
That you look at me the way I look at you.
Sharing the same thoughts,
Sharing the same dreams.
Wishing and praying that the other won’t leave.
Or maybe...

Maybe it’s just me,
Like it’s always been.
On a one way street in,
Trying to find my way out.
Alone in the darkness of my own shadow,
Or maybe..

Maybe I am the shadow.
The shadow that lives in the darkness but still looks for the light.
Trying and reaching,
But no exit in sight.
There is no way out,
Just a way in.
So please come save me,
And show me the light again