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Run Away

She wishes she could be like them, but she knows she can't. She lacks both beauty, brains, and talent, all the things she wish she had, to win his heart. Never will she be their equal, never will she feel good enough, never will she like the woman who stares back at her in the mirror. So she run's away in the early morning, and escapes her wretched room. She goes not far, but far enough to be alone. Hours pass and she grows more and more depressed, but why? Running away should have made her happy, she wanted her escape and here it was. However, in the corner of the dark abandoned classroom, in the last seat against the chalk board that runs around the room, she cries. She finally realizes that all she wanted was for someone to come after her, for him to come after her, but no one will, because no one ever comes.


Bailey said...

Being the outsider in Jr. High, this hits me directly. My sister was always the pretty sporty girl, and who was I? I could never find who I was, and did not know where to look. Boys were something I wanted so badly in my life. But they looked right over me and directly at my sister. I thought that I would never be the one to have a boyfriend. I eventually gave up on them altogether until that one came along. And right when I was about to run away, he grabbed me and hasn't let go since.

Fallen Angel said...

Wow Bailey, I am now just seeing your comment. I'm so glad you found that special someone.