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What is the destiny of the man who has lost himself,
In the tormented game called life.
Living day in and out shrouded in the opaque shadows of uncertainty.
Seeking an escape from the demons prodding at his soul.

In moments of insecurity,
In the opaque questionings of the mind,
Tempestuous emotions rob the soul of its purity,
Leaving heart ache behind.
Engulfed in thoughts drowned in iniquity.
Torn between the cultivated mind,
And the impulses of fear prodding at the untamed heart.
Logic and religion become entwined,
The soul begins to take itself apart.
Dismantling the innocent heart into minuscule pieces,
The mind loses itself and is uncertain,
The soul begins to fade, until the last breath ceases.
There lies the soulless corpse as they close the curtain,
The internal torment of the mind goes in vain,
For the ending result was the same.