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Romeo and Juliet

Sinking into the emerald iris,
Within it's depth benevolence is lost,
Bounded to the wall of despondency.
The extinguished flame combusts,  
Once more with a passion,
Ablaze much brighter than before.
As Romeo and Juliet sing in their rapture,
A most sweetly deafening melody,
To which the antecedent infatuation dances,
And the malign quintessence bemoans,
As the raven sings its heart felt lullaby.
To sleep fall the fairies and nymphs,
As the snakes roam the forest floor,
Purging the life beneath its bane embodiment,
Until the earth is no more. 


Story I wrote at random. Should I continue? What should I call it? I will let you decide...

It was two o'clock in the morning, the only light in the room was the slither of light radiating from the hallway that lay beneath the locked door. Pitch black, it was something Mechelle had grown use to over the past five years in her windowless room. She wasn't an unfortunate orphan, or a child with parents who loathed the sight of her. No, she had the unfortunate luck of being the younger sister of a childish adult, Katherine. Five years ago Katherine graduated from college, a miracle in itself. One would assume that after college Katherine would have found a job, rented an apartment, or even move in with her boyfriend of five years, Mitch. However, that would be expecting too much, at least for Mechelle. Upon graduating from college, Katherine moved back in, even though she had never really left to begin with. As if the situation was not stressful enough, Katherine demanded to have her own room. Katherine and Mechelle had always shared a room, due to the fact that the other two rooms in their small three bedroom house were occupied at the time. Unfortunately, the year before Kathrine's reinstatement in the household, their father past away from lung  cancer. With their father gone, there was no more need for his office, which became Michelle's room, because she was "just a child, all she really needed was a bed and four walls". If there was one thing in this tormented world that irritated Mechelle, it was self absorbed people such as her sister.