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Light of Truth

Silent tears,
And unheard cries
Unveiling the truth of what's inside.
Anger, fear, and pent up frustration,
Hidden beneath a radiant smile.
Pain and scars not visible with light.
Only in darkness is the truth revealed.


All I want

Oh how the words from you soft lips cause my heart to ache.
It beats rapidly in my chest,
looking for an escape.
Thoughts you flow through my mind,
as endless as the Nile.
I dream of your warm touch against my cold skin,
or being held captive in your gentle embrace.
Your captive glance is all it takes to make me break,
spilling my heart and soul.
My secrets are yours if you want them,
but all I want is you.


Heart and Soul

There is an aching in my heart and soul,
They cry out for you in the night.
Left alone in the depths of the shadows,
Hidden from the light.
A river doth run down my russet cheeks,
Each teardrop hitting the cold desolate floor.
My body shivers in the stale chilled air,
Awaiting and dreaming of your temperate touch.
Embrace me firmly,
Without intentions of letting me go.
Caress my face with the back of your fingers,
Bring life to me with every stroke.
For here I lie dead, cold, and desolate,
Without a breath or soul.