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Guardian Angel

In moments of insecurity,
I lock my soul into my inner self,
I hide from the outside world,
With all it's expectations.
My smile says one thing,
But my reflection screams the truth.
I curl up and stow away,
From all the impurity.

Who can see the girl who cries,
Inside of my inner darkness?
Who can hear the girl who cries,
In the bathroom stall silently as people pass her by?
No one...
Will ever be there,
For the lonely and desperate soul,
That cries out fearfully,
Laying on the cold desolate floors,
Of a heart that was never whole.

I lay here,
Waiting for my guardian angel,
To wrap me in his wings of rapture,
To protect me from the anguish of the world,
To replace my frigid tears with ardent smiles,
To be there for me when no one else will stand by my side,
For he is my path to truly living.