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Broken Heart

I gave you something that I never let anyone have,
My heart,
And now you've broken it into millions of pieces.
Not like a puzzle,
Because that can be solved.
But like the stars in the sky,
You can put pieces together,
And form different things,
But they will never all fit together perfectly,
Something will always be missing.
Or not right,
And its all my fault,
Because I gave you something precious,
And i trusted you with it.
I  let myself believe that for one second,
It was possible to be loved.
But then you brought me back down to earth,
And now i stare at my broken heart strewn across the floor.



Love doth start sweet and in the light,
Both blissful and youthful.
However, time brings with it opaque tribulations,
Shadowing the once radiant light,
Rendering love in the haunting shadows of regret.
Remorse for loving a soul that returns nothing back.
A love so deep residing in a now hallow heart,
Refusing to let go of whats not there,
Refusing to love another soul,
Even through the sharp stinging of the pain.
The heart yearns for an unrequited love,
Never to be returned,
Never to see light,
Never to be whole again.

The heart beats in the chest,
But it doth also beat in the mind.
Though the mind wills itself to move on ,
It can not fight the steady beat of the heart.
Searching for one with a heart of the same rhythm,
A soul that shares the same dance.
As the chest rises and falls,
Air goes in, but hope floods out.
Tears that hath a chill far greater than ice,
Doth flow from burning eyes,
Into pillows that embrace screams silent to the world.