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Guardian Angel

In moments of insecurity,
I lock my soul into my inner self,
I hide from the outside world,
With all it's expectations.
My smile says one thing,
But my reflection screams the truth.
I curl up and stow away,
From all the impurity.

Who can see the girl who cries,
Inside of my inner darkness?
Who can hear the girl who cries,
In the bathroom stall silently as people pass her by?
No one...
Will ever be there,
For the lonely and desperate soul,
That cries out fearfully,
Laying on the cold desolate floors,
Of a heart that was never whole.

I lay here,
Waiting for my guardian angel,
To wrap me in his wings of rapture,
To protect me from the anguish of the world,
To replace my frigid tears with ardent smiles,
To be there for me when no one else will stand by my side,
For he is my path to truly living.


arithon1001 said...

Very touching poem it makes me want to reach out and give you a big hug. I love to read your poems but it is hard for me to read them because the feeling of them brings out the need to help in me. But please never stop expressing yourself you are awesome.

Fallen Angel said...

Thank you. Some of these poems aren't about myself, but about close friends of mine. Although this one, and the majority of these poems are about myself. As for your need to help, you are. For me, people simply reading my poetry is a good feeling. The more people who comment and follow, the better I feel about my writing...its like a virtual hug :). Thanks.

Pat Tillett said...

Very sad! I've written poems like this also. I'm happy to report from the front lines of sadness and lonliness that, it does happen for us. It will happen for you. As I said before, it's about time and timing. and being open...
I love your poetry.
It's very moving.

Bailey said...

I think that this poem can be linked to many girls. I have had this feeling many times about someone, but then was left once again. Sometimes the only way to feel secure is to stay to yourself. Feeling alone is so common to feel, and this poem shows that we are all really looking for one thing and that is to be rescued from your own misery.