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Note from Fallen

So, if you noticed, I haven't really posted anything lately. For a while, I thought about deleting the blog... but then     tonight I went through and read all the comments instead of the poems... and I have decided to keep posting. Even though I don't think that highly of a lot of my writing, just reading the responses and realizing that maybe somehow somewhere one of my posts may have helped someone, not literally, but in the sense of not being alone in what they may be feeling or may have felt in the past.

So, I thought I would just post this to let everyone know that yes, I am still alive and writing lol, and that I will hopefully have some new posts come the end of summer. I've been expanding my writing a bit...might upload a couple of pages of a story I started. Who knows, only time shall tell. I leave you with a revelation I had, and a quote that I made for myself when things get rough:

Don't try to make your broken heart new again,
Keep the scars as reminders of what you have overcome.



Between Life and Death

All this pain and hatred built up inside
I cant feel my body,
I'm not even sure I'm still alive.
What is this called then,
This thing that I'm doing?
It cant be living,
But it cant be death.
Numb to the world and all its torment.
Living in the shadows of the darkness,
That swallow my entire being,
Not wanting to fight back.
I just want to be consumed,
At least maybe then i will feel something.