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What is existing...
Is it living with meaning,
Having a purpose,
Or is it just breathing.
I feel as if my spirit is fleeting,
and all that's left is this empty vessel that I call a body.
Releasing carbon dioxide is the only thing that I do for the earth.
Just a waste of oxygen,
A pollution to the earth.
I feel as though I don' t exist.
The warm river that flows down my face is my only way of knowing,
I'm alive.


dennis hodgson said...

An interesting idea, well expressed, although the words "carbon dioxide" and "oxygen" do disrupt the scansion and seem out of place.
I used to write poetry, but I have only one example on my blog:
I don't know if it would be your cup of tea.

Fallen Angel said...

yea, you have a point, they do seem out of place. But thats kind of what the poem is about, so it was kind of my reasoning ... but maybe its a bit too abstract.And no, your poem is my cup of tea. well actually I dont like tea, but I guess thats beside the point. I really dont have a preference when it comes to poetry. I just love reading it and writing it, its beautiful.

Anna said...

I really REALLY like this poem. The half rhymes with "meaning/breathing" makes it sound delicate and thoughtful. My favourite out of all of yours xxx