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Silent Tears of Truth

Tears as warm as the rays from the sun,
Flow down her youthful cheeks like the Nile.
Her body as cold as a cadaver.
Her soul and spirit fleeting from her slowly every second.
Every minute that goes by she becomes more empty,
Every hour more fearful,
Everyday more lonely.
Like the only needle in a haystack,
or the last leaf left on the tree after all the rest have parted,
just before the harsh cold wind of the winter.

She is not fully present when she walks,
Starring at the ground,
Because it’s the only world she knows.
She has mastered that perfect fake smile,
That radiates so brightly no one would second guess.
But she can't make eye contact,
for people would believe her less.

At the end of the day,
When the sun goes to rest on the horizon,
and the moon and stars dance upon the sky,
She cries silent tears of truth.

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