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Fairy Tale

If you could only know
If i could only let my feelings show
If you could only see,
The pain that lies behind these lying eyes.
I wish i could let my feelings be known.
And not keep them secret anymore
We could be together like in a fairy tale,
That's how the stories always go.
There's the damsel in distress
And the prince who out shines all the rest.
He comes to save her and they ride off in the sunset.
But,Life is not the like fairy tales.
Not all damsels ride off in the sunset.
Some of us get left behind,
In the shadows consumed by darkness and pain.
There's no story for the ones in the shadows.
No happily ever after,
Just a once upon a time.


Anonymous said...

I love your poem, its so true.

Fallen Angel said...

Thanks, I'm glad that you liked it.