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Dreaming with Eyes Wide Open

Dreaming with my eyes open,
but my ears closed.
My mind beyond the ominous crystal skies that glow with fragments of energy,
Which light the opaque pathway to my eternal escape.

A spacious field of golden wheat,
That sways with gentle push of the summer breeze.
The sparkling clear spring,
That flows into the forceful currents of the waterfall,
That pours into the serine river where I lay on the bank.
The beautiful, tall, strong trees that give shade to my body,
Overheated from the stinging rays of the powerful sun that looms so high above.
There I lay,
Running my fingers through the cool water of the river that tells a story,
A story of love and woe.
And I listen to the whispering voice of the river,
With my pure unloved heart,
And I let my spirit flow away with the current,
And remain blind to all that lay before me.

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