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YOU! Yes you, the reader!

Hi all! 

I was inspired by a story I heard about a musician on the radio the other week. Apparently he had his listeners write letters about things that have happened in their lives. He then rented a cabin in Tennessee and read those letter. While in the cabin, for however long it was, he wrote music that told the stories of some of the things that had happened in other peoples lives. Now, clearly I will not be renting a cabin off in the country, but I would like to write poetry about some of the things that other people deal with or have gone through in life. Regardless of if you follow my blog, check in every now and then, or just happened upon it, I want to know your story. If you've been through hardships or  have met the love of your life, I want to hear stories from you, both the good and bad, and hopefully I will be able to put it in poetic form. Obviously it would be crazy to write your experiences in a comment that everyone can see, so I have set up an email account for the sole purpose of this endeavor of mine, I won't actually respond to these emails, so do not be offended if you don't hear from me, just keep your eye out for the entires to follow. So pass the word on, and tell your friends, because I want to be able to convey stories that either haven't been told, or that need to be told more than they already have, and no worries I do not plan on using names with these.


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