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Reaching For You

I reach across the distant land,
The one between you and  I.
The one that you have placed there,
That's not visible to the human eye.
I think of how we use to be,
To the time when you confided in me.
Now as the wind blows the tumble weed,
There is no one here but me.

I search the mountains looking for you,
But I chase only empty footprints,
Empty shells in the frigid snow,
The places you have already been.
I follow you in vain, I know,
 But it's you I think of in the end.


Pat Tillett said...

So full of feeling! Longing, emptiness, and sadness. I've know them well and your words hit that spot. Really good writing!

Wild E.Kayote said...
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Wild E.Kayote said...

Nicely done. Loved how you crystalized the longing part. Cheers :-)