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Weight of life

Its to much.
I can bare it no longer,
I feel the weight with all of its force.
My lungs collapsing ,
the air scarce,
and slowly my life seeps away into the opaque night.
Tears slowly begin to run down my face,
Flooding the cold and desolate floor,
That cradles my spiritless corpse.


Bailey said...

I feel that this poem should have a continuation of some sort. It is very deep, but I am left wondering why is it that you are life-less on the floor? What got you to where you are? I am by no means trying to sound like a critic I just would like more detail. On the other hand all of your pictures for you poems are remarkable. Where did you come across them? Do you take them?

Fallen Angel said...

Thank you. Yes I do some photography, but none of these are my pictures. I google search for hours until I find the right one,or I go to

Fallen Angel said...

I have been sick, so I haven't written much lately also, but I will think about a sequel to this one.Thanks for the comments.