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My Secret Wish

I wish I could stop this,
These feelings I have for you.                      
They are unrequited,
I know, but still...
My heart speeds up,
Every time I hear your voice,
And stops when I see you.
When you are near me ,
I try to take in your scent,
So that even when you leave,
At least it's still there,
Lingering lightly in the air.

I'm sorry,
That I can't be that person you adore,
That person whom your heart beats for,
That person you go to when you're in need,
Who's presence makes your spirit feel at ease.
I wish I could be the one you wished to be with,
I wish that you would let me into your closely guarded heart.
But I'm not,
I'm not that person,
And I know I never will be,
But I tell myself it's okay, because,
Just for a few minutes I can pretend,
That maybe that person you need is me.

Even though it hurts,
When you talk about other people,
I will always be by your side,
Crying silently on the inside,
Because, I still secretly hope that one day,
You will see me.


Kat <3 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kat <3 said...

Jesus, you are such an amazing writer and I know exactly how you feel :( but honestly, you're an astonishing writer. i'm following you :) i'd love if you followed me too.

Fallen Angel said...

Thank you so much :), I checked out your blog, its really good, I left a comment and I'm following you as well. I really like your background as well.

Bailey said...

You have so much talent. You need to publish your works. I would for sure buy it! This poem speaks to anyone who has been in a relationship that is suffering, or to people who want that relationship but know that it will not happen. I have been in this situation more then enough times. And I was hurt after it all. There is still apart of me deep inside that screams "I need you!" but I know that I can't have them. Way to hit the nail with the hammer!

Fallen Angel said...

Thank you Bailey. Not really sure I could publish my work haha. I'm happy with just knowing that there are people read my poetry and feel like they aren't alone in what they are experiencing in life.

Jenah said...

I have no words