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Waiting For You

I will wait for that one,
that one who will love me.
The one who will choose me,
over everyone else.

For that one,
who will look past my flaws,
my imperfections,
my lack of beauty,
and see my spirit that so longs to be held.

For that one,
who will receive my heart with open palms,
because I am willing to give it,
Without a second though.
For that one,
Who will care for me,
and lead me out of my dark loneliness.

For that one,
Who I can tell everything,
Without fear of judgement or ridicule,
Who will listen with open ears.

For that one,
Who will wipe away my tears,
And hold me close,
Who will kiss me when I need them most.

For the one,
I've not met yet,
But know God has made for me,
So that I do not walk the narrow path alone

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