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Melody of My Escape

I feel as if i'm flying,
Each beat taking me further and further away from reality,
The heart ache,
And the sorrow of life.
Each note falling softly on my ears,
Beckoning me into another world,
One where the trees touch the sky,
And the air is wet with fresh rain.
The sound of  birds humming ,
And the croaking of frogs are off in the distance.
The ground is damp from the early morning rain,
And sinks slightly beneath my feet.
The sun sparkles through the tops of the trees,
Creating a glow about the forest.
Rain drops still falling from the leaves of the branches,
Gently dripping upon my temperate skin.
The smell of fresh air and dew fill my lungs,
And I exhale on the final note.


Pat Tillett said...

Hi there, I saw your link at another blog I follow and took a chance. I really like what I've read so far. I'm a sucker for poetry and good writing. If you don't mind, I'm going to tag along.

Fallen Angel said...

Thank you. The more the merrier, I like to get feedback on my writing.

Bailey said...

To feel one with the earth seems natural. I beleive that death is the equality of all beings. After death your body is placed in the earth, and in time you become the earth. To be lying peacefully on the ground, with sounds hendering your mind, is meaningful. And to take your last breath while doing so, is peace.