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Heart and Soul

There is an aching in my heart and soul,
They cry out for you in the night.
Left alone in the depths of the shadows,
Hidden from the light.
A river doth run down my russet cheeks,
Each teardrop hitting the cold desolate floor.
My body shivers in the stale chilled air,
Awaiting and dreaming of your temperate touch.
Embrace me firmly,
Without intentions of letting me go.
Caress my face with the back of your fingers,
Bring life to me with every stroke.
For here I lie dead, cold, and desolate,
Without a breath or soul.


dennis hodgson said...

I think this is one of your best poems (although I haven't read them all...yet).

Fallen Angel said...

haha thanks, I wrote it really quick last night before bed. I like to get my feelings out at the end of the day.