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The Secret Vow

 He left her there, standing alone on the sidewalk, tears flooding her eyes. She wasn't sure what hurt most at that moment, watching him walk away from her or realizing that the one man she cared most for thought nothing of her. She slowly walked back to her home with her head hung low,tears streaming from her burning eyes onto the frigid sidewalk, her sobs falling silent on the eerily chilled summer air. The wind blew hard against her side, making her as numb physically  as she was emotionally. He had never cared, she was nothing to him, he didn't even think twice, he just walked away from her and didn't look back, it was like she was never there in the first place. She had fooled herself into thinking that she had somehow mattered to him. But now, she could see clearly, in the long mirror that hung on a wall in her half lit room. She could see the pitiful crying girl that she really was, weak. At that moment, in the darkness of her empty room with the wind thrashing against the window panes, she made a vow to herself, "I will never care again"...

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