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Key of Time

The young female heart flutters with such passion,
Out in the open, with no shield to protect itself,
Wounded in the tormented battle of love.
The will to beat on becomes faint,
As the pain from the open wounds grow ever heavier on the young soul.
Oh how her young spirit yearns for his touch,
But his warmth is felt by another.
The once clear world is now blurred by fervent tears,
Life it self seems as if it would stop
... or pause for a brief moment,
As the wounded heart tries to heal itself.
But what the young girl can't see,
Is the one who stands there waiting,
Wanting to enclose her in his ardent embrace,
To warm her frigid heart,
To mend what has been broken,
And to forever love her with ardor.
But time is a far greater distance than the eye can see,
And with it lies the key to happiness,
The key to passion,
The key to an undying love.


Pat Tillett said...

So sad...
If only she could see the one waiting. It's all about timing...
great and moving poem!

Fallen Angel said...

Thank you. I actually wrote this last night for a friend who returned home with a broken heart.