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Lost Childhood

A youth fixed in time.
Her spirit frigid by death and pain,
Surrounded by loneliness as the other children played.
Suppressed her opaque feelings with an illusive smile.
Drowned out the crimson world that she found so vile. 

She was forever a child they would misguide,
Unable to see the deep pain of an adult lying inside.
To much for her vulnerable frame to retain,
And in her heart forever would sorrow remain. 

Closed herself off under her tepid sheets,
Rocked and cried herself into a deep sleep,
Tears flowed from her burning eyes every night.
Wishing and praying to have another life,
Hoping to live like other children, euphoric, without strife.

Now as an adult she has thawed out and dried,
But the problem now is that she is so far behind.
Once an adult residing in a child,
Now a child within an adult.
Fated to never quite fit in,
Just to pretend,
But to lose herself in the end.

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